The future of fashion is fit, not size. BODS uses groundbreaking technology to transform online shopping into an immersive experience that is personalized, inclusive, and fun.

“Poor-fitting clothes lead to billions of pounds of waste and countless disappointed customers. If you can fix fit, while making it enjoyable and beautiful, you can fix everything. Our solution bridges two distinct and powerful worlds—it’s deep tech, but make it fashion.”
Christine Marzano, Co-Founder and CEO

Leveraging cutting-edge achievements in computer graphics, BODS makes it possible to try on clothing in a personalized digital experience. We offer the only elegant and elevated solution in the market today. BODS empowers online shoppers to make accurate purchasing decisions while encouraging them to explore and experiment with their style. Our photo-realistic depictions—of body types, skin tones, materials—and real-time interactions with silhouettes are a first for fashion.

At the core of the experience is your BOD: a 3D representation of YOU, created in seconds by artificial intelligence based on two uploaded photographs or a few measurements. Your BOD allows you to see how clothes of various sizes will fit your actual body. You’ll wonder how you ever shopped without one.

Our Team
Founded by Christine Marzano and Alexander Shatalov, BODS is powered by a world-class team of engineering specialists in AI and computer graphics, 3D artists, and garment designers. Marzano, who previously co-founded an avatar animation company and was the first fashion model to create her own photorealistic 3D avatar, is an award-winning actress, former runway model, and Princeton graduate. She drew upon her years of experience in the fashion industry and in 3D digital technology to develop the concept for BODS. As Chief Technology Officer, Shatalov brings deep engineering expertise in 3D computer graphics, animation, and gaming technologies. The recipient of an Epic Grant, he created an avatar rigging system for Unreal Engine and Epic Games.