To begin, simply upload two photographs of yourself or enter a few key body measurements. The cutting-edge technology of BODS will use your inputs to create a full-body 3D digital representation of you. Prepare to meet your BOD.


You can choose to refine your BOD in a variety of ways. Select and adjust your skin tone, shape your bust, and refine your curves to match what you see in the mirror.

Try On

Select piece(s) to instantly try on your BOD, with the ability to choose among sizes and colors to find your perfect fit. You can zoom in or out and rotate your BOD to get a 360-degree view. Each item and size has been digitally constructed using the original patterns to ensure it is accurately represented, from the texture and drape of the material to nuances of cut and closures. The result is a true-to-life representation of fit.

try on

Your BOD will be saved for your personal use throughout your session on khaite.com, as well as in your future sessions, and anywhere else you see the BODS button. You can choose to adjust, remake, or delete your BOD at any time.


BODS makes it easy to find your perfect fit. Cutting-edge achievements in 3D computer graphics unlock a personalized and immersive online experience that allows you to try on a selection of pieces in various sizes and colors to see how each one will look on your BOD: a 3D representation of your own body. Here’s how it works.