New York-based it-brand KHAITE is the exclusive partner for our open beta launch. The women’s ready-to-wear and accessories label was founded in 2016 by creative director Catherine Holstein, described by Vogue as “an intuitive and product-oriented designer who cares about how her clothes are worn and lived in, not just how they look on a catwalk.” Each KHAITE piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements—past and future, masculine and feminine, strength and softness, structure and fluidity—while embodying a signature sensuality and ease.

BODS (beta) debuted on in June 2021 with 18 Pre-Fall and signature styles. Subsequent KHAITE collections will feature expanded selections of pieces that can be tried on with BODS—from evening dresses and tailored trousers to the cashmere and leather puffer coats introduced for Fall/Winter 2021. The inclusive nature of BODS, which allows visitors to visualize the fit of pieces on personalized digital representations of a broad range of body types and skin tones, is also informing ongoing efforts to extend the KHAITE size range.

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Following our June 2021 beta launch with luxury fashion it-brand KHAITE, we are partnering with other forward-looking fashion and apparel brands to take the guesswork out of fit by empowering the customer to be their own model. Our technology not only allows online shoppers to make more informed decisions but also encourages them to explore and experiment, all while reducing the waste and disappointment associated with poorly fitting clothes.

Our approach to partnership is rooted in the ability to create a truly personalized experience—one that is elevated, engaging, interactive, and fully integrated into a brand’s look and feel. BODS is far more than a utility. The robust and versatile nature of our 3D allows us to unlock new digital opportunities and sustainability-minded pathways for brand partners. From virtual worlds to NFTs, the possibilities are endless.

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